Saturday, April 21, 2007


Well, right now things are going fine. Oh Veronica! I am so sorry that I wasn't able to make your party. I didn't leave my other party until like 2:30. Anyways, I did get some stuff accomplished today. I was able to do one of the History worksheets and I mowed the lawn. I also played with a program on my pop's laptop. It was very exciting. I have a some sweet photos. I need to shower though. I practiced my trumpet for a whole freaking hour!!! AHH! I hate passing off! BOO!!!!!! But yeah that is my life for the day. I think I might shower and then call up a few cats to chill wif. Here is what happened yesterday though:

So school, yeah w/e things happened. In English we are having these BYU students "teach" us how to make documentaries so I have been editing all week during lunch. Anywho, the documentaries were due on yesterday so I edited away, but then it wouldn't take a blank DVD on anybody's computer. So pretty much, the computers we were using did not have DVD burners on them. WOW. I just left when the bell rang hoping the BYU peeps would figure the thing out. Poor little creatures. The next period I b-essed my way through an essay. Woot. Then I watched a movie in my last class.

After "school" was over. I passed off with Harold for like an hour and then headed quickly home b/c we were having people over for a baseball game. SO the boy came over and he was very gentleman like for a Bosox fan. I liked having him there. He was surprised at how into the game we got just with our hearts. Then this other fellow came over and he was annoying me. Oh that fellow. After the game was over we chilled and talked and decided to watch a movie. I totally fell asleep! Yeah I was tired and the movie was not that good. I felt bad though, b/c it seemed like the boy didn't have the greatest time, hopefully. The boy and fellow left. Then I watched Gene Kelly movie and fell asleep.

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