Friday, August 17, 2007

What a good mooovie!

Well today has been kind of crazy. It started off with Colorguard from 10-12 and a pool party until 3:30. Then High School Musical 2 came along, and it was FABULOUS!!
Babs bought shirts for Bean, and I. They are beautiful, but not as beautiful as Zac Efron. Hehehe. Seriously though. High School Musical 2 was a wonderful follow up. There was a certain part when Denby, Dianna, Babs, and I were about to cry. I know that sounds so incredibly dorky but it happened. Zac Efron gave a great performance during Bet on It. I loved the character Ryan in this movie so much! I got so happy when he was on screen, and his character was so cute! Althought the poor boy had to end up with the Hip Hop Girl. Oh well. I loved it though, and I wish that I could watch it again and again forever. I suppose I will have to wait for it to go on DVD. Thanks Disney for creating another clean movie! Oh I love it.

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