Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Lives We Lead


So I just spent about 45 minutes of my time checking my friends blog's.

Holy Harran. I had a very slight idea of what they were going through, and I now know that my life is one of happiness, and joy. Now, I KNOW that sounds really cliche, and lamo kablamo, but it works... at least... I think so. Ha!

Even though, I should be doing the 5 hours of English homework I need to catch up on in order to pass I really wanted to write this blog post.

Now, do not the get the idea that I am waving a flag or displaying my great life, but I kind of am. Here goes:

1. My family: I love each and everyone of them. Some days, I obviously do not display my affection, but it is there and they all know it. My parents love me, and I know they do b/c Mammadukes won't let me go to school with ugly hair. Pappadukes makes sure we leave the house with a scripture/prayer. My family is so different from my friend's. I know one of the differences is that my family has lived somewhere other than Utah, and just the way we've been raised, but that could be a qualifier for more than half my friends.

2. My friends: I don't know how they put up with me but they do. If I we them, I would've probably stopped talking to a person like me, and just given up. Ha! No, but my friends (outside of my family) are some of the hardest working people I know. I am surprised they haven't all exploded yet. Well I know why...but that is beside the point.

3. My job: Even though it does involve telling people that Shepherds has gone out of business and acting like I care, I love it to pieces. My bosses are some of the greatest people in the world. They work their schedule around my insane schedule. They still pay me. Which in itself is a miracle. I love the people I work with. They are all so different from each other that getting to know them is a fun adventure. I do miss some of the Cold Stone days but better days are to come.

4. School life: It is insane but somehow I pass my classes and teachers take everything I do. Some days I imagine myself teaching a class of me and I would not be able to do it. I don't know how teachers enjoy their jobs but thank heavens we have one that do and can teach at the same time. Huzz-iz-ah!

I don't know what that post was, but it had to happen.

Friends, I hope you have a good day and a good life. The world is against us and we have to fight through it all.

Good luck, and good night.



Veronica said...

I agree with you about teachers - how do they stand us? It is a great mystery of the universe.

And I want to congratulate you on being officially the most responsible member of our Morp group. You paid!!

*Trumpets blaring while Shelbey does a colorguard jig.*

P.S. I tried to think of cooler fanfare, but I couldn't. So just pretend you don't hear trumpets and see people doing colorguard jigs every day.

Isabelle said...

Thanks, Tess. Its nice to see more positivity out here on the blogoshpere. Nobody likes a johnny raincloud!