Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Update

This past week has been very eventful.  Lots of studying, stress, and hours put in at the Talmage Building and HFAC.  All the school stress ended on Saturday at 2:10pm when I handed in my Midterm.

Then at 3pm. The fun began.
I helped my sister and her friends with a little Valentines Day Photo Shoot. 
Here is a sampling:

happy love day - mustaches included
 We made it back to the homestead eventually, and baked cookies.
Then we dropped of this picture:
with a plate of <3 shaped cookies

On a doorstep.  It was a very fun night. To say the least.

Luckily the fun never stops with those girls. So glad my sister has awesome friends that I get to play with on a regular basis. I keep remembering that tomorrow is President's Day, and I don't have school.

What a wonderful thought. 

<3 Happy Valentine's Day! <3



Eliza said...

What the awesome! Me loves! Did the blue stashes get added after or what? I am trying to figure it out and cannot.

BTW who is the lucky bloke who got your love and your cookies, may I ask?

PS Nice hat, where did you score that beauty?! As if I didn't know!

babetta said...

haha! We taped the (paper) mustaches on. And Jeff Parkin...our the cookies. haha.