Sunday, June 6, 2010

That's A Wrap

Principal Photography was wrapped on Thursday for "For Robbing the Dead."

A few words about "For Robbing the Dead"
I got to work with some of the most talented people that I have ever come across in my life.  Ever single person on the crew was a treat to work with.  Yes, there were some days where things got hectic and people didn't follow through, but we all did our part to create a movie! I mean, come on people! That is so cool!!  Being a part of the Producer's Team, gave me more experience than I could have dreamed!  Beginner's luck. It has to be.

The wrap party for the film was on Saturday, and I didn't ever want to leave.  All those people were amazing, and it will be interesting going into production on the next project "Unicorn City."  I can already feel that things are going to be different, and that I will have to work a lot harder, and make sure that I go to bed. 

But, life is still so great.  I am grateful everyday for living in this Provo, UT place.  I do miss my hometown NY, but I know that it will always be there waiting for me.  I have the best parents, and my siblings are the greatest examples to me.  Life is amazing, and I can't wait for the adventures that come next. I just have to get some sleep first. :)

P.S. A great thing about the Prod. Team on "For Robbing the Dead" is that we can rap/lay down a phat beat hard core.

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Eliza said...

yea! so glad that you had such a wonderful experience!