Thursday, August 26, 2010

I own

this guy!

I bought my laptop today from a man. He was a nice man. His name was Paul, and he is from Maryland. He is married and going to BYU Business school.

I am one happy girl right now.



Eliza said...

Congrats! I read the other post about putting music onto your computer and thought to myself, "wow! that is a lot of work, I wonder why she would do that to a rented computer and a little fool...I read THIS post and it ALL MADE SENSE!

Congrats on your new computer!

Final cut -- come on, baby! Lets make a film together. And speaking of films I hope you will post the film you are making about MY children -here on your wee blog! Unless, that is, you paint our family in a bad light. Then I hope you will just keep it to yourself. I mean, you have got to do what you have got to do to get into BYU - I know they like edgy stuff! (ha ha)

I'm being a weirdo - ignore this or you can just do one of those "removed by the author" deals.

I'm excited about your computer! Does mom ever use the one I gave to her?

T Kelly said...

Don't worry Lize, I won't paint a bad portrait of the family! Why would I? I'd look like an idiot. I'm pretty sure they don't want idiots in the program...

The laptop that you gave Mom is kind of being silly. It hums really loud, and heats up, but don't worry we will figure it out!

Chas said...

Whaaaa??!! Not only did I just discover you've done some recent bloggin' but you got a new MacBook?? That's the dopeness!! Even gettin FCP?! BONUS!! Good going Tessyboos! good luck on the ol' film app this sem!