Thursday, September 16, 2010

I work on movies

and these are pics working on "For Robbing The Dead" where I got to be an extra for a day.
the crazy lady who eats carrots by the barrel
myself and the lovely Aussie Kelsie Moore
That was a very good day. Snowy, wet, freezing and fun.
Side note: There aren't many pics of me on facebook working on the film because I was in the  production office doing paperwork/whatever Courtney and Asia told me to do.

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After "For Robbing the Dead" I worked on "Unicorn City" which was a really good experience.  It taught me very many good and important things about film making and how to be a better producer, etc.

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This semester I find myself attached to several projects, but they are very doable, and I know I will succeed while taking a large load of classes and working. Woohoo! When those things happen, I will try my best to post some pics!


Eliza said...

I thought you were shoving that carrot up your nose. phew! glad to know you don't wear that outfit to school and put dirt all over your face, you had me worried for a minute.

Eliza said...

Just kidding!