Thursday, September 9, 2010


This semester is going to be CRAZY.  Really and truly.  

I have already been offered two AWESOME opportunities, like being a UPM on a student shoot that has a great script, and AND helping produce media for a theatre production. Wow. I really had no idea it would all start happening so quickly.  This is really crazy folks.

Oh, and on top of that. 
I am working 20 hrs a week (take a few) managing projects and the MAL and who knows what for the T Lef. AND taking 15 credits. GOSH. Look at me guys. 

Speaking of credits and hard work, I need to do some for my class.

At least tomorrow is Friday right? Oh, and I will no longer have a Saturday for the rest of the semester. They are all being taken up by projects. Goodbye sleep!

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