Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three things

1. JSB wins the award for most awkward building on BYU campus.
2. Boy with bad breath sat next to me in Bio. He was yawning.
3. BK and I watched two people fall in love today.

Hope you have had a great Wednesday.


Eliza said...

ummm, more please! What are you referring to? I want more info! This is killing me!!

BTW, we watch your music videos every day, sucka!

Eliza said...

Actually the last comment was in reference to "making movie magic"

but what I wanted to say to this post was, "Awe, good old BYU -- love is always in the air!" Sometimes it is sweet and, I know I am being crusty here, but sometimes it kinda makes you wanna be sick.

HOpe this was the sweet kind and not the sickly kind.

T Kelly said...

Don't worry Lize, it was the sweet kind.