Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BIO 100


First off, science and myself have never been the best of friends.  In fact, I have always disliked the chemical and physical subject.  The only time I may have enjoyed science was when I met Devin Neff the coolest girl ever and now close friend in Golden's 8th grade science class at Centennial.

So, when Bette and I decided to take Biology together we knew we were undertaking a pain in the pa-toot.

YESTERDAY.  As I was trying not to fall asleep I looked up and noticed a male, probably in the 19-21 range (I couldn't tell if he was pre-mish or RM) eating Chicken.  But he was eating it OFF OF HIS BALL POINT PEN!

Imagine one of these:
average pen for school
With a piece of this:

In a classroom of about 90 students trying to pay attention. As HE ATE IT OFF A PEN!!

I mean, what?!  I don't know how many students actually knew what was going on.  I was baffled, and sadly couldn't get a picture.  At one point I tried to turn my shutter sound off my camera, but I had to go through all of the other shutter noises, and was a disruption. OOps. SYKE. (I really don't feel bad about that)

Just a little gross. Smidge.

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Eliza said...

Gag me with a ball point pen! Just when you thought Bio couldn't get any worse.

At least the dude eating the chicken wasn't eating the chicken off of a doobie!

Right, right!?