Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa's comin' to town!


Just found out that my sister who had been saying that they weren't going to be make it to UT for Christmas is ACTUALLY COMING!!! Hoorayyyyy!!  I haven't seen them in over a year, and I get to meet my nephew Gabe.

See pics below.

The Pixtons! My sister and her family who live in Chicago. Haven't seen them in ages.

Gabe rockin' the Snowman suit. I get to meet this chubby muffin boy!

Beautiful Khali girl.

Lincoln. How adorbs is he?!

Can't believe how much Atticus has grown up. Goodness

I purchased TOMS for my nieces: Khali (6), Millie (5), and Clara (2) for Christmas.  So now my Christmas wish will COME TRUE!  I will get to see all three lovelies in TOMS!!!

I apologize for all the exclamation points, but maybe if you see the TOMS I bought for them you might understand.

Millie's Ash Classic Canvas.

Clara's Pink Glitters.

Khali's Red Classic Canvas.


1 comment:

Eliza said...

Those girls will have the finest clad feet in all of Provo.

And isn't neat to think that three little shoe-less girls in some other part of the world will also have shoes too.

Three cheers for Toms and three cheers for Tess!