Monday, December 13, 2010

So Paul McCartney is really cool.

He was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Thursday, and I had to watch it today (well I didn't have to, but with finals I didn't want to study.... you get the idea?)!

Paul McCartney on Jimmy Fallon

Anyways, Paul plays the song "Here Today" which is one he wrote about John Lennon shortly after John's passing.  It is really quite beautiful and lovely.  I played for my mom and she started to cry.  I hadn't ever heard it before, and I so I bought the version that Paul released way back when, and a live version when he  performed at CitiField in New York.

So that's all.  I hope all of your BYUers, UVUers, and UofUers, are enjoying finals as much as I am.  And all you non-students, I hope you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas!!! Yipppeee! :)

Here is a video of Paul playing "Here Today" at Citi Field.

Peace, y'all

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Eliza said...

What a fun post!

I watched the Jimmy Fallon interview. I couldn't decide who was cuter, Paul or Jimmy. Jimmy was just so openly excited and enthusiastic. And Paul is a class act.

And I have always loved that song "Here Today" but had no idea that it was written in honor of John. Makes is all the more tender knowing it was Paul's feelings for John. And I have to say that listening to that song - it is the reason why when the Beatles broke up that something truly unique was lost.

"Here Today" is such a sweet and open expression of love -- John needed that in his music. As John was edgier and a little more sophisticated -- Paul's music has never had that same edge without John, and it has never been quite as good as it was when they were song writing partners. It is the combination of that contraction, I think, that made the Beatles so unique.

Anyway, good stuff!

Keep the posts coming!!