Monday, December 27, 2010

Summing it all up - Take 1

This break has been wonderful!  Absolutely splendid.

People are leaving this afternoon and that makes my heart want to say, "BOO HISS." (Millie said that today, and it made my heart happy.)

I haven't really seen any of my friends since..... Tuesday? We had the Waffle Party and I was invited to something on Wednesday, but I apologettically texted and said, "Sorry! I can't!" and spent the portion of the day with family at the Bean Museum.  I forget how awesome and eerily creepy that joint is.  The Nativity scene they had was pretty great.  Whoever puts that together every year deserves a nice pat on the back, and a golden goblet of egg nog. Firr rillz. (WAIT. I did see some peeps on Friday, briefly. And kind of today, but not.)

Basically being with my family is the greatest.  My parents are awesome.  All the siblings are fabulous.  All the little nieces and nephews are a blast.

I got to hang out with these two for A WEEK!! I am a lucky girl.

The Eli boy and Gabe the chubby muffin boy

Maybe I should write this post when my brain is functioning at a better level.

You get the idea though, right?

Also.  In 10 days I will be 20 years old. WHAAATT? Weird, but good. (Jan 6, kiddos)

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