Saturday, December 18, 2010


Called to action to babysit Millie and Clara.
Played with Millie and Clara.
Babetta woke up.
Made a music video to Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys. (BK, Millie, Clara and myself)
Made Clara and Millie some breakfast - frosted mini wheats.
BK and I had Tim Tams with yogurt - quite good.
Went downstairs to The Ark Room, and watched the beginning of "Babe" and "Up."
(The Ark Room is a small little cupboard-under-the-stairs space in our basement that is full of stuffed animals and pillows for the little grandkiddies.  It's a big hit.)
Fell asleep watching both those movies.
Millie and Clara raced upstairs to see their mum and dad.
Babysitting was over.

Logged onto to facebook to see all the love and "likes" on facebook.  (Words cannot describe my excitment!!! I love all of you.)

Going to watch Psych.
Get ready to go to the Nutcracker with my nieces, sister and my Pops.

How I love you Christmas Break!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Jan Dawson said...

Tess - you're awesome. Thank you for all the items on that list that involved our kiddos!