Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's only been the first day of Winter Semester

and I kind of want to give up, but not really!

Today I saw so many people that I love. OH! They are the ones who get me through school!!!!  I would name them, but then I get nervous.

Things I still need to do:

Make final class decisions - Hum 201 or Civ 202: Letters? retake Book of Mormon or take D&C?
Buy Books
Make a music video - this didn't happen on NYE

Funny thing:
First day in 105 - We have come back from doing our personal introductions, and our TA rewinds the tape.  When he presses play, I see a boy with a gingham shirt, blue eyes, baggy jeans, and crew cut hair style. "Hmm... he looks just like my bro..." I think.  Then I pointed and said, "THAT'S MY BROTHER!" Nobody believed me, and it was kind of quiet...but the TA asked, "Is that really your brother?" I said, "Yes.  He graduated from the program!!"
"When was he in?"
"Uhh, six years ago?"
".... yeah..."

We went on to watch the introductions, it was pretty funny.  Not in the "ha ha" funny, but the funny as in "whatarethechancesthatonmyfirstdayofmyfirstfilmclasstheTAputsinaMiniDVtapethathasmybrotheractinginitfromsixyearsagowhenhewasintheprogram?" (Is there a word for that? Ironic? Is that right? I guess I will just go with funny) Also the dialogue was about getting more time for a major payment.  The actor playing opposite my brother said, "Don't get greedy." He was wearing a leather jacket and had aviators. Sooo coool and gangster?

I also loved seeing my brother actually do stuff while he was in the program, because I was just a kidlet back in those years and didn't understand how much work it is.

I guess I can't leave this program without everybody knowing that I am the fifth in my family to be accepted (and eventually graduate).  I mean really? That is just crazy speak.  Good crazy speak nonetheless.

Well, I think I am going to catch some winks or zzzzzs or sleep.

Happy Winter 2011 semester, folks.


Young People in Love said...

I LOOOOOVE that you're writing in your blog more! Happy day :)

Eliza said...

If we ever move to Provo, then I would apply to the film program and finish my bachelors degree at the BYU because I think it should be an EVEN number of Kellys to graduate from the program.

Eliza said...

Have you noticed that there is a generation of people (usually the elderly crowd) that refer to BYU as THE BYU. I like that, so I always refer to it as, The BYU, myself.

A place with a bowling facility like BYU deserves a "THE" in front of it, don't you agree???