Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mah 20th Birthday


I went to Olive Garden for the first time tonight.  With my bff.  I have the best bff ever.  Honest.  Oh, and she paid for my meal!!
Ashley and Sophia baked me a full CAKE and BROUGHT it to SCHOOL! THAT WAS AWESOME!
My lunch was paid for by Courtney. LOVE HER.
I got facebook love times a trill.
I got text messages time a trill.
My sister, and brother both called. Miracles!! Love them forever.
I got a cupcake with a great card from my sister.
The TMA office gave me a card, and a sweet roll.  I work with the nicest people!!  AND I got to have the Happy Birthday Bear on my desk all day! AWESOME!
Now I am going to start on my homework because according to Liza, I am a homework machine. Word.

Oh, and tomorrow is Friday? How did that happen?  If you don't have plans and are in the Provo, UT/Utah County region try and go to the Isaac Russell concert at Velour.  It will be amazing.  SO excited.

I am one happy 20 year old, let's just put it at that. :) Thanks for making this day great everybody!  Just reminds me of the amazing people that I have in my life and how blessed I am. :)


Celeste G. said...

Birthday BEAR, the birthday BEARRRR....

nikki said...

Happy Birthday Tess! I'm a day behind but I love you!