Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have you mistaken a garbage can for a person?

I don't know if this has ever happened to you, or WILL for that matter.

When I had my first car I came home late at night on the weekends after spending long amounts of time chatting at my bff's house and doing other mischievous things like doorbell ditching goldfish.

On one of those many occasions, it was very, very, very late.  I was driving my bff home.  I think the next morning was Sunday?  Anyways, it was dark, very few cars were on the road, and I was very tired.  We were driving along 800 n (or was it Center?) in Oram.

My sweet ride.
 I was groggy.  It was bad.  Every time I saw a garbage can or mailbox, I would jump.  Wanna know why?


So now I am reminded of this when I drive late at night and lights shine on mailboxes, and garbage cans.

Enjoy your evening drives, folks.

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