Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remember last Saturday?

When I filmed some rad friends "in nature" and other places around Utah County/Provo and I had no idea what I was doing?

Well I spent most of my day studying and taking a Book of Mormon midterm.  Then I read 2 and half pages of the Communist Manifesto.  Then I played Deer Hunter Challenge on my iPod touch.  Then I started editing the footage from last week.

This is how it turned out!

Check out Book on Tape Worm, they are three ridiculously talented musicians who deserve to have a fabulous record.  Scott and Emily's voices alone are magical, but when put together it is a delightful musical wave of genius that sweeps over the soul.

Also, the hippest cat I saw was Justin Hackworth!  I saw him again tonight!  at BOTW's concert!  at Velour!  Hooray!

AND!  go to <--- I worked on this over Christmas Break.  I went to a screening of it tonight, and I was blown away at what David Thorpe had created.  What a master mind.

Oh! Diego's is a good place to hit up in Provo, went there afterwards with friends.  I love my major, and the people and friends that I have made in the last year and a half. CRAZE AMAZED.

It's Daylight Savings.  I hope that most of you are asleep.


lizpletsch said...

You are so talented! They are very talented too!

Eliza said...

How cool are you to help your friends. Their song is good, really good. I would like to hear more of their stuff. I thought it was cool that you managed to get that air plane to land to match up with the lyrics. NICE!

You got it going on, Tess!

I was also glad the one girl who was wearing her high heeled shoes didn't fall down when she was climbing over tree stumps -- I am a mom, that kind of thing makes me very nervous.

BTW, did you hear that the coolest guy in Provo is now being referred to as J. Hack -- I think that works, don't you? (I know you and Betta like to give people nick I thought you'd really appreciate Justin's)

Love my film making foo - Tessy-boo!

Rubie Hubie said...

I dig.