Sunday, July 31, 2011

Walking Gabe around.

This tale and the previous 3 tales have been from Evanston, IL.


I have found that the best way for me to make baby Gabe to fall asleep is to walk him around the streets of Evanston.  Tonight, we took three different walks, at three different times.  All three times it was hot, but mind you it was 9pm.  Actually that doesn't mean anything. Well, it does.  In UT, it starts to cool off when the sun goes down, because it is a desert.  In IL, it doesn't cool off, because it isn't a desert, it is a Mid-West state that has humidity.

So it was hot.  The first time, we barely made it down the street.  Gabe was way too distracted.  So, we played up and down the steep stairs.  He's a good climber.  I made him laugh by bouncing him quickly as we went down the stairs - you have to hear this kid's laugh.  Some of the best medicine for any type of funk.

The second walk went very well, but I was starting to feel the heat, and I think somewhere from somebody I heard that baby's can feel when you are uncomfortable, and so they feed off of that and feel uncomfortable? I dunno.  Gabe was hot too.  (P.S. The house right next door was being loud - like screaming children, slamming doors loud - so I couldn't really walk down there. Boo. And a car was running with a person inside and they weren't leaving.  It was strange. Back to the story) He woke himself up, right by the house, and whined.  We went inside.  He was cranky inside.  I took him outside again.

We walked for the third time.  NOW I am really feeling the heat, and he won't fall asleep.  It'd probably only been like 3 minutes and my hair was already wet with sweat droplets.  It's true.  It didn't help that Gabe was this little heat machine up against my body.  I don't know how much longer we walked, but he finally was starting to fall asleep.  Yessss.  Oh, wait. I forgot to mention that we saw a nice lady with a really cute dog.  She thought Gabe was cute, and that was he was my son.  I wasn't going to be like, "Thanks! He is actually my sister's..." but I didn't do that. Obvs. I wanted to keep walking. Anyway to make a short story even longer, I walked Gabe for a little while longer to make sure he was asleep, we passed by the creeper car, and loud house which was quiet now, and I rocked Gabe in front of the house before going in, because I didn't want to go in, have him wake up and call it a disaster.

We got inside.  I sit on the couch.  He is asleep.  Find Summer, and put him in his crib.  When I was putting him in his crib, his grip got tighter, and so I tried my best to lay him down gently.  I did something, and he was down in his crib still sleeping.

I sure hope he stays asleep, because his dad (my bro in-law) has a lot of Attorney work to do.

Post-walk and ready to blog.  Don't worry that curl in my hair is from the sweat and humidity. 
There it is.  I hoped you enjoyed a very long version of "Walks With Gabe: By Tess." - Imagine that in a whispery radio voice.

Oh, and tomorrow we are going to get DEEP DISH CHICAGO PIZZZA. HOOOOLLLLLAAAA!

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