Thursday, August 25, 2011

Funny things that my 3 yo niece said/says:

She can't say her 'r's very well.

Us: Did you poop your pants?
CD: Only a little! Not so bad.

CD:I'm wearing a diaper because I pooped my pants.

CD: Can you sit on me, please?
I do so. A minute later.
CD:You're sitting on me.

I have her on my back running around the house.
CD: That hurts my wrists...
I drop her on the couch.
CD: Again?

CD: Can you reach me, here?

Her 4 month old baby brother is crying.
CD: I tried to poke Ellis.

She see her cousin who is a little over a year.
CD: You handsome boy.

She loves her other cousin who is a littler over a year.
CD: Hi, Eli!

Me loves my Clara Daws.


celestial* said...

So freaking great.

Eliza said...

how do you solve a problem like Clara Dawson? How do you hold a cloud and pin it down? etc. etc.