Monday, September 5, 2011

How I (and others) Beat the System

It was Labor Day weekend 2011.

I was on a film shoot for a BYU Marriot School commercial and that fact that we made both days successfully was beating the system.

On Sunday night, my family and I went up to Park City and stayed in a room at The Deer Valley Lodges.  It was awesome, and a life that I could get used to.  Seriously though.  It was the best.  Did I mention we didn't have to pay for the room?

We got home and after attending a picnic/get together my parents wanted to go see a movie.  We chose Super 8.  Realizing that it was Monday, Labor Day, and that people in Provo get to places early or on time for things that they want to be at we left early.  We also brought our own movie snacks - Swedish Fish, and Teddy Grahams.

We arrived.  The line was long.  I remembered that there was an electronic kiosk in the lobby of the theatre.  I told my dad, "I'll be right back."

I got in the lobby and to the front of the kiosk line.  There were two men in front of me trying to decide what movie to see since Pirates 4, and Winnie the Pooh were both sold out.  They looked behind me and saw that the kiosk line was getting longer.  They never made a decision.   They left.

I got to the kiosk and got my tickets.  My parents and sister walked in.  The tickets printed and we were off to theatre 5.

We sat down and enjoyed the movie.  The end of Super 8 and beginning still get me every time.  Did I mention I want to be best friends with Elle Fanning?

When Super 8 was over my mom helped a lost little girl find her father who then pushed the kid in front of him and said a quick "thanks."

If you can figure out how many times we beat the system, please make a comment below.


Freckle Faced Lauren said...

I...didn't figure it out. Don't blame me, I just work at the front desk.

Besides I liked your in-person version. You're great.

Eliza said...

I say,three times. did I get it?

T Kelly said...

You got it Lize!