Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yo-Yo Ma and his Genius

Over the last week I have been listening to Yo-Yo Ma.  I forgot how much I loved his music, and after listening through most of his music on Spotify, this morning I decided to try some Glenn Gould which was also an excellence choice.  Then I went on to create a Yo-Yo Ma Pandora station and heard a song from the soundtrack for the film, "The Cider House Rules," and it was beautiful.

I'm glad that I can step away from what I usually listen to and take time to really hear extraordinary sounds and performances by talented people like Yo-Yo Ma and Glenn Gould who were able to make careers out of their talent.

Thanks boys and girls.

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Eliza said...

the other night I was on your blog and I was listening to your playlist. The "Pretty Girl Rock" song threw me, I won't lie. Jan turned to me and said, "WHAT are you listening to?"

Look you are a cute, young, 20 something girl - listen to Pretty Girl Rock, that's a given. But as your older, crotchety sister I must say that I am glad you've got a little Yo Yo Ma in your life.

Besides being a genius, he's darling! I love that guy. I think you should consider inviting him to your party. Along with Steve Jobs. What do you say?