Sunday, October 2, 2011

I like to doodle

This week while taking in the amazing words spoken at General Conference.  I found myself doing some small doodles.  They weren't that great.  Last week, we went down to Ephraim to support the young single adult ward my brother Parker is attending and to meet his Bishop and things.

We went to Sunday School, where the teacher made martial arts references, as in "Ya know, I just sidekicked him and he went down!"  He compared his martial arts skills to the Holy Ghost.  I got bored.  I started to doodle on my sister's iPod touch app Brushes.

After taking time in Sunday School, and through the opening announcements before the Sacrament, I made this:

I haven't done much with coloring in details, but I think this might be my best work thus far!  Just look at that face.

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