Saturday, October 29, 2011

Writing and stuff.


I haven't been doing my best at this blog thing.  Probably for many reasons, but one that comes to mind is that I have been writing, but not on my blog (obvs).  I'm actually taking a beginning screenwriting at the BY this Fall, and I am really loving it.  I spent my morning working on the first draft of my script.  It wasn't very good, and I'm looking forward to the feedback sesh in class.  Writing takes so much time, and effort and ENERGY.  I woke up at 7 or something, and then I took a 15 minute nap from 9:16-9:31 (math?).  Then I was able to finish about an hour after that. Holla. Go cat naps.

I figured out what I will be for Halloween, which is major progress.  I'm gonna be a robot.  Beep bope beep bap beeop bleep blop boop.

And, yesterday I was on the set of Dr. Fubalous a web series some pals of mine are shooting.  They've got a really great cast, and I got to see Jon Gries again!  He's the nicest guy, really.  Some of the supporting roles are played by YouTube comediennes - GloZell Green, Colleen Ballinger who plays MirandaSing08. They have Flavor Flav as a lead, and Donnivin Jordan as the star.  It's gonna be great.

I did some laundry and put in too much cleaner and now my clothes smell really fresh.  I haven't decided if it is bothering me or not.

Happy Halloween.

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