Saturday, May 19, 2007

I love Gong parties!

Last night was pretty much, the most fun that I have had. MG definitely has the sweetest house in Utah County! I am so happy that I was able to get ZL to play Guitar Hero II! Then I played and I pretty much stunk it up. Whatever.
So at MG's house I got to hang out with my friends, Asians, smart people and smarter people. I was able to bond with people that I only knew vaguely, and get to talk to my friends. It was a blast! I love burning papers! Although it had some consequences including smelling like smoke, and have ash everywhere and my back feeling like it was about burst into flames. I love packing M's car with 8 people! V has the cutest haircut in the world, and sadly it doesn't smell like Bumble & Bumble anymore :(. Patsi is wonder! Oh, and I made Jazz Band! Woot!

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