Sunday, May 20, 2007


Right now, I just need to vent because there are some people in my life who have been annoying me lately and a dream I had last night just caused the bomb to go off!

So my sister has been friends with a boy for a long time, and they went to Senior Ball together on Friday. I know that this boy is a good person, but my sister kind of blew off another fantastic boy for "this boy" she is with now and it makes me rather sad. "This boy" my sister is with now never leaves her alone, and it is ticking me off. I never get to see my sister anymore. Boo! I know he is totally in love with her and my sister doesn't know what to do, I think she likes him but doesn't want a relationship. I know that "this boy" is a good person, but I hate the way he treats her sometimes and I am just fed up with him. ARGHHDODSFLKDFJDFSL!

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