Saturday, July 7, 2007

So Many Happy Things

As many of you have noticed, I have not posted for almost a month now. The time has come for me update you all on my life. Yes, I did change my blog layout because I love that man in the picture. He plays the character of Henry Tilney in a recent new version of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. My sister told us about how a British channel created new Jane Austen movies for the books Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Nortanger Abbey. We immediately went to the website, and then Babs went on You Tube and found all of the videos for Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Northanger Abbey. THEY WERE SUPERB!!!!!! Rupert Penry-Jones is wonderful as Captain Wentworth and NOT UGLY. J.J. Field has really set the standard high for Henry Tilney. He was just perfect! I know I sound stupid, but really go watch these movies on You Tube. They are just wonderful.
Other than Jane Austen being a major part of my life, there has been family, whiffle ball, home run derby((ie)s), parades, pools, sealings, sunburn, parades, haircuts, shopping and deep cuts.
I got my haircut, and I finally like it. It is not super short, but I didn't want to get it cut, but everybody in my family made me. I hope everybody likes it. :)
My grandparents were sealed to one another on July 3rd. It is still weird to think about it and I barely took it in on the 3rd. My family said it was wonderful and I am sure it was. Babs, Geiko, and I were watching our neices and nephew. That was really fun too. I love those three.
Since my grandmother is who she is, there had to be a Pool Party which there was following the sealing. Me and my siblings were starved so we went to Wendy's and got food, and ate it secretly in the car. It was great, and I was filled to the brim. Then we partied in the pool until 9 and left around 10. I was ticked because I had to wake very early for the Fourth of July Parade. Once I arrived home I went straight to bed and thankfully fell asleep very quickly.
Woke up, washed my hair, did my makeup, put on my ugly outfit, and was in the Band Room before 7AM. The parade was really fun! I only messed up 5 times and I hate saying this, but I am pretty sure I got the most shout outs by people. It always made me very happy to hear my name. Try it sometime, it feels incredible. We marched for an hour (thank the heavens), so I wasn't too tired. I got home and then went to Rock Canyon Park and played there for about 3 hours in the HOT, HOT, sun. I got burned terribly, but now my arms are tan and my neck is stil a bit red.
I took a nap and the boys headed up to SLC except for Benhamina he stayed as our Honorary Girl and watched Northanger Abbey with us. Everybody started coming home after that, I played with Ali and her family. Then watched the little ones. Everybody came home after that, and I could hear Brooks and Dunn from my home. It made me laugh, then we watched the Fireworks and the day was done.
We took Parker shopping the next day and he has some very nice clothes now. We just need to get him some more jeans and some better shorts, and SHOES! I got some habidashery myself two shirt and one pair of shorts. We headed home, and I drove with my sister, my neice and my mom to get milk, and then we went to Rock Canyon Park because they were playing Whiffle Ball. My team lost, but we had a great comeback.
After that we sad our goodbyes to Cameron and had ourselves a Home Run Derby. I've never really been good at the game, but I won! It felt so good to win! I beat Babs, and that was fantastic and I beat my older brothers and sisters too! It was a great moment!
Yesterday Eno and Ali left and Millie got a super deep cut. I bowled 118, and was so close to beating Babs but she just had to bowl two STRIKES in a row. I still love her, but I didn't beat her. :'( Millie is okay now, and my blog is beautiful. I didn't wake up early enough to go to Lagoon with Xanelle and friends, but it is all good. Life is great!


Parker said...

Hi, this is Parker. I just want to say that those clothes were dope, and thanx for the help. I think those shorts were too short on me though, did we even buy those? I would also like to add on the bowling. the first time i bowled less than 50 so i stunk like cheese. speaking of cheese, check out my blog friendly people!!! It might inspire you and/or make you feel good inside. I'm out...

Veronica said...

Tess, your page is BEAUTIFUL! I am most definitely going to watch all of those movies later. I will probably fall in love just as you have. My favorite Jane Austen characters so far are John Knightley and Colonel Brandon.

Veronica said... I tried to find Northanger Abbey on YouTube first, but it was just all of these fan videos. What exactly did Babetta type in for each?