Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mondays, Kittens, Kids, and Tim & Faith

Today was one of the most exciting Mondays of the year for me. I think it started off very different from most because of Band in the morning. I was late for the first time EVER. That kind of annoyed me, but I didn't really care. It was an interesting day at Band because they were talking about a performance I hadn't performed in because of Youth Conference so I felt a bit out of the loop. The rehearsal went on and when the Guard went off we had a toss drill which went really well for me since I hadn't picked my flag since last Wednesday. The best part of the whole rehearsal though was prolly when I hit Taylor during spirit jacks, she turned around and asked "Who was that?" I replied, "It was me. Bring it on Taylor." Then she pushed my shoulders and I landed on my bottom. I quickly got up and a captain asked me if I was fine and I was. My Guard advisor obviously saw it and gave me a look. I really didn't care though, because the band needed some entertainment at 8:45 in the morning. That started the day off well!
When I got back from Guard I played with my neice nephew who wanted to play with the kittens that I am watching. So I brought them up from the Garage, and they played. My neice is so cute and so is my nephew. The kittens were very curious about the two of them so they pawed at my neice's hand. It hurt her and so she didn't want to play with them as much anymore. Then I watched Cars with my nephew and I fell asleep. He didn't the poor boy. I must have taken some long nap or something because it was almost 12:00 when I awoke. Then I chilled with the kittens who started to fall asleep on me. It is the greatest feeling to have little, cute, furry creatures on your lap purring. They are so cute!
I finally began to get ready for the day at around 1:00. I was ready by 2:30. I played with my niece and nephew some and tried to watch Chicken Run and Monster's Inc. but both movies didn't work. Then I fell asleep again watching High School Musical with my neice and nephew. When I awoke we headed off to the Creamery for dinner, and it was quite tasty!
When we got home we realized it was getting close to leaving for the Tim & Faith Concert in SLC. So we waited for my Pops to come and then headed off at around 6:45. We got to SLC by 7:45 and made our way to the concert.
The artist who opened for Tim & Faith was really talented! I wanted to buy her song Unglamourous (sp?). The concert was so much fun! At the very beginning the two came and sang "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. It was so beautiful and they were both so cute to each other! I loved it! Faith sang at the beginning for at least 2 hours with a little chatting in between. She was so wonderful! I had heard the two on Oprah live and she wasn't that good. WOW! The woman has lungs! I loved her live performance! Her hair was blonde and I liked it very much. It kept on getting very static-y and so it made her look.....different. Other than that she was so much fun to watch! Then when Tim came on everybody went NUTS! He was handsome and debonair. That man can sing incredibly well too. There was a point in the concert where I almost fell asleep because it was a song that I wasn't carefully paying attention, but after that it was smooth sailing. Some of the songs that Tim sang I just wanted him to shut up, because confidentially they stunk. He made up for though by singing better songs and I one that I liked in particular "If Your Reading This". He sang it at AMC and now everybody wants him to record it. I loved it. Then Faith came out and they sang 3 songs, and the concert was over. I was very pleased. It was a fun concert and my parents liked it as well which is a good thing. A VERY good thing!
Well I better be going off now because I get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning. I love you all and have a fantastic night!

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