Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hooray for Friends!

Well, today I went to periods 1,3,5 and 7!

1st is Jazz Band, and it was much better than I had expected it to be. Jackson was having a blast. I just need to make sure that I learn all of my scales by Friday. It was actually fun, and I need to figure out how to get to Park City on Saturday! Eeeek.

3rd AP Language is fantastic! I love my table, because it is the best mix of people and Zane is right behind me so I can make fun of him! Although it will be lovingly. Hehe. Mrs. Van Orden is so funny though I love her! I think that she will learn by Friday how bad her work-load is. I have faith.

5th A Cappella was great. I was so tired though. I sit next to Janelle, and Jill which will be so incredibly fun. Today Seneca had to sit next to me though because our President (Cheryl) can't count up to 63. Sucker. I am very excited though! I found it funny that a bunch of white girls and boys try to sing Black Gospel songs. Ha and I stunk it up with my singing.

7th Journalism is going to be very interesting. Durham tried so hard to to scare us. I would've laughed a lot more, but ahh it was great. I can't wait for it!

That's my life. Colorguard was really great and Isabelle said Hello! I think Lesa is liking me more and more. Wahoo! I found out that it was because of Isabelle that I got the job at Coldstone! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!


Isabelle said...

Of course its because of me, silly, everyone knows Melanie loves me and what I say, goes.

That was so sarcastic its...really sarcastic.

Woot!!! Go colorguard!! Go Coldstone!!

Is it fun? Do you like it? I like it. But if you don't I'll feel bad.

Babetta said...

Tess- what the devil happened to the Persuassion music? Love Colbie and love Eisley, but I must've dissapointed me, sis. How can you appreciate Mr. Tilney without a little romantic Jane Austen music in the back? Honestly, I ask you. I still love you though, Coldstone. Keep your chin up, Pip.
(I am so funny. You should be laughing now. Just so you know.)