Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mic check....

Once upon I had a blog, but I never updated it as most faithful bloggers do.

UC was wrapped mid-July. We had a pick up day at the beginning of this week. INSANITY.
- 2 HOURS to get ONE PERSON READY!?!?! Really. All I could do was sit and watch as MU and Wardrobe took their sweet mother-loving time.
- Matt Mattson =
- They Might Be Giants kept me awake as I drove home @ 4:30am.

Getting excited for fall semester. It's going to be full of edumacation. Working for the T.Lef - which means trying to understand what goes in that mind of his. I am so lucky to have the chance to work for Tom, and let's hope I disappoint him! (He's fired Assistants before...)

ALSO, Judy my old car will be getting fixed. My bro will ride it to school, and I will use it when I need it. I need to call the mechanic now, come to think of it!

I want to buy a DSLR, and a laptop. Laptop first, but I really want to get me a DSLR so that I can learn how to take interesting pictures, and make fun short films/movies/sillies.

You're great peeps!

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