Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Can I just build a house? Right here?!" - IM

Ingrid Michaelson is a wholesome human.  She loved us SLC, UT folk. We loved her.

Every song she sang built upon the happiness that filled the venue. She shared some really great stories, at one point while describing a performance in Carnegie Hall, "I was going to kick some A-S-mahh.... I'm nervous guys, it's Salt Lake." I sound like I am five when I say this, but she didn't use a naughty word once. Not ONE TIME.

Basically I want to be best friends with her, and hear about all of her funny stories about life.  Jennie Mangum came with me in the place of Bette (BK had to do lots of hw and was up until midnight anyways), she said this about our new found friend Ingrid M, "She would just be an awesome friend to have at a sleepover or to bring to a party!" You summed it up perfectly J. Mag.

Highlight of the evening included (in no particular order, well maybe, but mostly no):
- getting a free parking space
- waiting outside in the hail and snow for 50 minutes
- finding out the show was sold out! (Hooray for Ingrid!! Sad for the girls waiting behind us. single tear.)
- getting an awesome view of the show after walking around for 20+ mins.
- Ingrid's "Nightswimming" cover - Eliza, you would have died. SO beautiful.
- Punk/Rock version of "The Way I Am"
- Ingrid and her band members opening - coming on stage in dark cloaks with Led Zeppellin's "Immigrant" playing.... SO GREAT.
- Ingrid and her band singing "Toxic" and then DANCING to it. Don't worry it was clean.
- Ingrid's new song! It's different. A bit edgy, but nice.
- Ingrid's Leann Rimes story.
- Ingrid's Staten Island accent (GO NY!!!!)
- Driving back to Provo safely through snow, and sleet and semis.

I highly recommend seeing an Ingrid Michaelson performance at some point in your lifetime. You won't be disappointed, I promise.  The set was well crafted, the band and Ingrid blend incredibly well together.  The musicality of the members shined forth with each song. Wonderful, and you will feel like a better human when you leave. Really, and truly.

Some pics taken by my cell phone:
opening number - Immigrant Song

I think this one was Parachute


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Eliza said...

actually inrgird can have a bit of a potty mouth- I think she cleaned up her routine esp for yous guys -- which actually is down right decent of her.

Dying to hear night swimming.

so glad you had such a great time - sorry to hear that Bette missed out though!