Friday, October 29, 2010

This girl...

is a little bit sleepy.  Moral Leadership class isn't keeping her drowsiness from turning into a small nap.

It was worth staying up until 2am shooting a movie.  I just hope that my brain doesn't fail me today.

Also, I want to participate in a pumpkin carving or "punkin" as Utah County people call it. Even if it says pumpkin 3 out of 8 people will say punkin. Maybe people have brushed up on their grammar, but 3 years that is what went down @ Cold Stone.


Eliza said...

Clara also says, "punkin" and she is one so it's cool, see?

T Kelly said...

Clara can say punkin as much as she wants!! Plus, I want to play with Clara right now!

I was referring to adults young and old reading "pumpkin" and then calling it "punkin."