Friday, December 3, 2010

Rock Mafia

Well, it has been a while.  Lot's has happened.  I think there was a 7 day period where I produced 3 different projects.  And then I turned in my application to the Media Arts program!!  That was crazy!

Slowly recovering from everything, which is good seeing as finals are coming up like a small something... rat?  No, that doesn't make sense.  I guess the word will come.

Luckily I have met some incredibly rad people this semester, and have been a part really cool projects like this one!  Chloé Huber's Capstone is going to be epic.  We are trying to raise funds on indie gogo, which is a site that offers independent artists to ask for donations from family, friends, and other angel investors.  So, readers if you feel so inclined go ahead and donate!  $10!  Thanks!

Now on to real things, like dance parties, dancing with your sisters and CHRISTMAS!!  All three of these things make me really happy (and sweaty...).  I bought TOMS for my nieces and if they are brats about it I won't care.  All I want for Christmas is to see them in there TOMS and get a photo of the aunts, and little girls in their TOMS.  Oh, I get giddy thinking about it, and being with family and friends for 2 weeks and no school to worry about. 

Take that back. I find out if I get in the Media Arts program over Christmas Break.  A week after finals (WHY MUST THEY TORTURE US?! -- Did I spell torture right?  It looks really strange, but I'm not getting a red dotted line... Hmm..)  I really hope I get in because I know my application wasn't perfect and in all honesty I should have put more work into it, but I got lazy and burdened with other things.  Oh me.

Enough about that. CHRISTMAS.  I can't wait to cherish you and dance with nieces and my family!  Carols!  Snow!  Sleeping in!  Getting smacked in the face by a baby as a wake up call but not being angry because it is one of the best ways to wake up EVER!

Did I mention I have a commercial shoot over Christmas Break?  Yup.  That should be good. 

Back to dance parties. I went to one last night, and I loved every minute.  The playlist could have been better, but I won't judge.  The party was for a friend who I met this semester. She is producing Chloé's project.  Her name is Riqué and she is totes rad. I  could go on about Riqué and Chloé, but that post will come later.  For now, I will let you readers know that those two girls are some of the coolest people I have ever met. Ever. And they both served in the same mission as my broski!  Milan, Italy! So they speak Italian! It's RAD.

Erin and I made a dance mix for Riqué, and I can't stop listening to it.  I am proud of the work that Erin and I put into that! Suckas.  Erin is also ridiculously cool.  Love her.

Christmas!! But first finals (boo). But then family (hooray!)!! And Waffle Party (tradition)!!

I never know how to end posts. (BE BOP BOOP BE BAP -- end in ROBOT LANGUAGE)

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