Sunday, October 31, 2010

Getting an extra hour:

Turns out that it wasn't Daylight Savings Time this weekend! We still caught an extra hour though (in our hearts).

BK and I spent time up at our sister in-law's cabin for the Halloween weekend. We loved every moment! Mostly because we loved the Cards, Kellys, Petersens, Walstons and Lees. Also the Card's dog Archie is one of the sweetest animals. Love him.

Samantha, Chas and Liz made BK a phat cake.  Chas and Samantha also gave BK a ticket to the Guster concert in January! They gave me one too for my birthday which is a week and a half before the concert!! Hooray!!

We had Terri's homemade waffles in the morning. Liesa's homemade Cafe Rio sweet pork burritos for lunch.

The best part of the weekend is when everybody thought it was Daylight Savings.  We all took our time getting ready for church and enjoying the morning.  A few people set their watches back, and relaxed.  We headed down to the meeting house around 10:30.  Walked in and realized that we had missed everything, but the last speaker.  So we all sat there. We listened. We left. It was pretty awesome. And a great b-day present for BK because we all know that when your birthday lies on a Sunday it is less fun.

It was a great trip. We came back with love notes from the film students who used our house for their party. Everything was clean due to excellent work by Erin and Katie, and all the other cleaning angels.

thanks kiddos!

Happy Halloween.  Oh, I dressed up as "tess of the doobie villes."


Eliza said...

Such sweetness!

I LOVE the daylight savings slip...especially since you are not supposed to gain an hour, but loose an hour (this time of year is the ugly side of daylight savings). but if you are going to make a mistake THIS is the way to go. I may just "accidentally" do this next weened myself and miss there is a thought!

I just wish I could have had a slice of Betta's fab birthday cake, eaten the T's waffles and L's cafe rio.

Sounds like a totally dreamy weekend!!

Thanks for sharing the love via this wonderful account of ye olde Halloween weekend.

Chas said...

Fun Post, Tessyboos!! So glad you guys came!!

And Lize, actually we DO gain an hour in the Autumn. Fall BACK = turning the clock back an hour = we get to do that hour over again (in the happy night time dream time). But I think I can understand your confusion--setting the clock an hour back can sound like losing an hour, but its not that we're losing it--just re-doing it. Ya heard? Say word.

Rubie Hubie said...

Ok Tess, I officially love you more than ever. Espesh after this post and Super espesh after hearing your playlist on here. That ping pong enrique song has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.