Friday, January 14, 2011

It finally shipped.

So, for Christmas I purchased a really cute item from for my sis in-law Samantha.  I ordered it on December 15, thinking that would give the lady enough time to send it to me in the mail.

TURNS OUT I was completely off my rocker.  The lady just shipped it YESTERDAY. January 13, 2011. A FULL FOUR WEEKS AFTER I HAD PAID FOR IT.

I think this is whack.  I bugged the woman repeatedly.  I had a right to!  She is never getting my bizzness.  Just happy the pretty necklace shipped FINALLY.

So Sammy look out for the necklace it is coming your way!  I hope it comes before Saturday so that I can give it to you when we see GUSTER!! :) I keep remembering about the concert and I get realllllllly happy.

Guster is great.


Freckle Face Lauren said...

oh. my. heck. Finally!!! She's a crassy human.

Eliza said...

If you want someone to get all CRUSTY on her just ask me - I went to TOWN on the snotty lady a the doctor's office. I am turning into a full blooded crusty east coaster and BOY, can I be a real jerk, when I want to be. (the sad part is that I don't feel proud of myself)

Young People in Love said...

You know what is even greater than Guster??? YOU!!!!