Sunday, March 6, 2011

"You need a director!"

Yeah, I do!

Yesterday was great, but it was also very full.

First, I tried to direct my fiction film for my beginning production class.  It was .... ehh.... aight?  I don't know how I am going to cut it together.... nicely.

Then!  I got ready REALLY fast and drove to the Provo Temple and watched as my bff Laura walked out with her husband.  It was so happy and wonderful.  Loved it. Love her. Love weddings. Love eternal marriage. I went to the luncheon and that was swell too.  I got to spend time with some of my closest friends, and chat about life and marriage and stuff.  My bff Janelle flew out from the islands of Hawaii just for the occasion, love her.  Truly.

After that! I picked up a Canon T2i from a pal Ashley (one of the greatest people you will ever meet) and met up with a local band Book on Tape Worm that my friend Emily Brown is in, and filmed some footage of them "in nature" a.k.a the woods by Utah Lake.  I had no idea what I was doing... I hope it will be good for them.  It taught me a lot!!! Well worth my time - and they were totally cool people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But wait! There is still more!!  Timpview had their "Back-Stage Jazz Night."  They do this thing where they have the curtain closed and the stage has the band platform set up, with chairs and tables, cool lamps, and light refreshment - which gives it a jazz-lounge like atmosphere.  Good tunes, always.  I played in the jazz band for two years at Timpview on ye old trumpet.  So there was a little nostalgia, but I didn't bring my trumpet to play with the band, oh no.

BK and I left.  We went to Day's and bought some candies.  Couldn't find a decent redbox movie.  So we got home and watched X-Men.  BK pointed out "I love that X-Men made Hugh Jackman famous." AMEN.  I love Hugh.  We both fell asleep.

That was Saturday.

Now it is Sunday evening and my mother is making my favorite kind of cookie - Mexican Wedding Cookie... Is it weird that I used cookie in the same sentence.  Oh well!

I don't know what this post has to do with needing a director, but I just love that line from Bill Irwin's "Regard of Flight."  Watch it sometime!

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Emily said...

You are seriously the best for filming us goofing off in nature. Seriously. Thank you so much.