Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Answering the phone:


The phone is ringing. It is quarter to six. Babetta is on her lappy. The dukes is in the yard. I get off the couch. Go to the kitchen. See the phone. See the phone's caller ID. I read it: PROVO SCHOOL DISTRICT 801 224-****. I pick up the phone. I expect an automated message on the other line. I answer: Be bop. I wait for automated answer to begin. I hear a man take a breath of air. I hear a man talk while taking breaths of air about my son or daughter who will be graduating. I am tempted to hang up. I don't. I heard the man finish his message. I don't give a response. I hear the phone click off. I realize that I just answered the phone as a robot and didn't say a word as a human.  I hope that this man gets to talk to humans who pick up the phone like a human and not a robot. I learn that whether the caller ID says PROVO SCHOOL DISTRICT or not, one should answer the phone like a human.

Be bop.


babetta said...

Robots are people, too, Tess. Robots are people, too. Has Wall-E taught you nothing? And Iron Giant? And that one movie you were watching on Netflix when I came into your room that one time about a boy who was a robot and he saved everyone, which (of course) makes him a person, too.

I just wanted to remind you.

Be bop away. Telephone or otherwise.

Caitlin said...