Saturday, May 28, 2011

This one may be a little big longer, maybe

and it doesn't involve a robot.  Well?  Maybe.

So, I have 8 siblings. 4 brothas, 4 sistas. Plus me? Makes 9. Wahoo! I'm number 8.

Number 9, the big man PK gradamated or finished high school on Thursday.  We (BK, Pappadukes, Zimmers, Chas and Samantha, his wife) actually didn't go to the commencement and stuff, because it was a cousin's wedding dinner.  Also, because of other things like PK not technically graduating, but you can ask him about that later (he was home-schooled (probably spelled that totally wrong)).

Anyways, I have been thinking about how great my family is.  And how awesome the people that my siblings have married have been.  And how awesome the little kids that have come from my siblings and their families.  And it probably helps that my parents are awesome.

I mean check us out:
Headed to Yankee game '07, me thinks. Check out dem caps, yo!

Subway stop for the LDS Stake center in The Bronx, NY.

Bundled and watching the game.

Christmas 2008 - Formal pic.

Christmas 2008 - Funny pic.

I'll be forever grateful for my parents' decision to move to NY, and raise their 6 kids, and then have 3 more.

So, there are lots of us.  It can be a bit overwhelming, but what I love are the brothers and sisters in-law who help us plan, be on time to things, and add to the fun.

I got an email from my sister Brynn tonight that contained two sweet raps.

And it reminded me how much I love my family, and that we are close and love each other.

yeah, if I can figure out how to upload those raps, I will. Cuz I laughed out loud. For reals.

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