Monday, June 20, 2011


I got this idea from my friend Mallory's post today.

1. We were in Yellowstone/Grand Tetons for my grandparent's wedding anniversary.  We were following my parents out of the park.  We saw some hang gliders.  They looked pretty cool.  My brother Cameron was driving.  He was paying attention.  My grandpa didn't think so.  "WATCH OUT!" my grandpa yelled at the top of his lungs.  Cameron braked. "Thanks Dan Dan."  The car was silent.  Bette and I were trying to keep from laughing.  We drove on.

2. I was nine.  We had a cat.  She was pregnant.  We were playing.  The cat sat on my lap.  I saw something coming out of her bottom.  I jumped.  The cat jumped and ran upstairs.  The cat had a kitten in the attic.  We scared the cat and she went down to the bottom of the stairs.  She had the other kittens.  My sister reminded my mom about the kitten in the attic.  My mom saved the kitten.  101 Dalmatians moment.

3. One time I nannied. We were at a pool. The boy was three years old. I had asked him all day if he needed to go to the bathroom. He hopped out of the water. Looked me in the eyes, and said quite loudly, "I have to go POOPS!"  We walked very quickly to the bathrooms.  We didn't get his trunks off.  He pooped his pants.

The best is for last.

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Brynn said...

Actually, Tess, I saved the kitten.