Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pure Athleticism

So, I know I need to start exercising and being healthy and stuff.  I have never been a huge fan of any kind of physical activity.  I tried to keep myself busy in high school, but I haven't physically exerted myself (other than dance parties) for quite a long time now.

I just filled out a survey on to find the best shoe for me.

See results below:

I'm doomed.


celestial* said...

This is great. I lol'ed.
P.S. Runner's Corner in Orem will do a shoe finder for you.. they're the best. They have legit runners in there who know their stuff.

Rubie Hubie said...

hahaha. Snap! It's ok Tesseroo, I hate exermasizing too. Also I hate the word Exercise, I always always always try to spell it excersize or excercise, or exersize, then I have to go back and fix it. Gay

Mallory Paige said...

hahahahaha I love this. so so so so much. yes. ah. i'm going to be secretly smiling all day now.

Eliza said...

I'm curious, what did you tell the computer what you wanted to do?

Trevor said...

Celestial* is right about Runner's Corner. Carve out an hour in your date and come wearing the clothes you're going to run in, they'll give you a bunch of shoes to try out and help you pick the right ones. Super great guys.

Also, are you sure you want a racing shoe? They're not really made for training in.