Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What happened last night

was this.

After spending a wonderful evening filming an interview about the film program with Gary, Merk, and a professor named Dean, we got milk shakes. That was fun, but very wet due to a rain storm that had come in.  Somehow Dean got away with getting less wet, than the rest of us....I don't know how he worked that. We had a nice discussion about film and stuff, and by stuff I mean other film related things.

We all went our separate ways, and Merk drove while Gary navigated to a Cracker Barrel which turned out to be closed. So, Merk drove as we journeyed through the rain to Sammy's.  I got the C Jane burger. It was tasty.

There was crazy awesome thunders and lightenings. It was really great.

Merk drove me home, and dropped me off.  After being inside for a few minutes, there was a huge "BOOM!" and the house shook. It was a little scary, but I loved it.

(Are you loving this play-by-play????)

I ventured downstairs.  There was a scale by the front door.  I hesitated.  I got on.  I was disappointed/surprised.  Then I realized, "Wait. I am holding my laptop."  I put that down.  Got on the scale, and was relieved/"Ah ha, yeah that's right" moment.

Finally got downstairs.

Then I started watching the Justin Beiber movie.

Fell asleep.


Frédérique Stone Carroll said...

will you watch Never Say Never with me when I return? Still have not seen it. :) Thanks.

Morgan said...

Stop making me miss Provo...I never thought it was possible.

Also. I want in on the Biebs party. I'm not much of a Belieber yet but I feel like you and Rique could probably convert me real quick.

Rubie Hubie said...

yes to play by play. Also I think my dream evening of awesomeness would be getting milkshakes with Dean Duncan. jealous.

Brynn said...

Tess, that thing about you standing on the scale is a straight up Liz Lemmon moment. Made me laugh out loud, it did.